Thursday 8 October 2015

Kiss Cosmetics Double Ended Lip Brush

Kiss Cosmetics Double Ended Lip Brush* - £5.50

At this time of year I love wearing bold lipsticks but they tend to be a little harder to apply than my usual pinks & nudes. Good application is key to pulling off really bright or dark lip colours. Something like black lipstick can make a real statement but if your edges are wobbly then the only statement it makes is that you suck at applying makeup. Using lipsticks straight from the bullet often doesn't yield the best results & if you want a professional looking finish then a lip brush is definitely the way to go. In the past I've used lip brushes from MAC & Real Techniques which I still think are brilliant. However Kiss Cosmetics have just brought out their revolutionary new Double Ended Lip Brush & in my opinion it is the ultimate tool for precision lipstick application.

Having never seen or heard of a double ended lip brush before I did wonder whether it was really necessary. One brush is surely all you need to put some lipstick on? But if you struggle to get those super sharp edges then working with both ends of this brush can make all the difference to your makeup skills. The shapes of each end have been specially designed to ease application to the cupid's bow & the edges of your lips. On one end you get the Define brush which is pointed & perfect for lining the lips. You can get really crisp lines with this brush so it's great for lip art too. Lip brushes tend to get a bit messy but this side is retractable in order to keep the brush both hygienic & compact. It can also double up as an eyeliner brush! It's really handy to take out with you & saves space in your makeup bag. On the other end we have the Fill brush which has a unique angled paddle shape to fill in your lips & define your cupid's bow. The brush is wide enough to fill the lips without constantly needing to top it up with more product. It applies colour beautifully & blends your lipstick evenly for a truly perfected pout.

To test out the lip brush Kiss Cosmetics also sent me a Mini Kisstick in Magnetic Melon. This colour is to die for! It's a vibrant orangey-red that would look amazing on all skin tones. It also makes my teeth look a bit whiter which is always nice! The formula is both highly pigmented & moisture rich so it feels really comfortable to wear. This has to be one of the longest lasting lipsticks I've tried. Obviously it's not as hard-wearing as a liquid lipstick but for a traditional lippie it really stays put & leaves a bit of a stain so the colour fades evenly. I used the Define brush to line my lips with Magnetic Melon. When I normally apply lipstick I like to use a lip liner first but if you don't have a shade that matches your lipstick then this brush does exactly the same job. I was able to get some really clean lines with it & it works for overdrawing your lips too. Then I loaded up the Fill brush & applied the colour to the rest of my lips. One of my main concerns with bright lipstick is getting it on my teeth. With the Fill brush I was able to place the colour very precisely & as a result my teeth are totally lipstick-free! The finish is very smooth & even which makes a bold lipstick like this look even more stunning.

Kiss Cosmetics are definitely onto a winner with their ingenious Double Ended Lip Brush. It's a real game changer and works with lipstick, lip gloss, liquid lipstick & eyeliner. I'm obsessed with my Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks & this tool has made them so much easier to apply. I love how neat my lips look with the aid of these two brushes & in future I don't think I'll bother trying to apply a bright lipstick straight from the bullet. The Double Ended Lip Brush & Kissticks are both cruelty-free and available from

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  1. I like the idea of this it looks really helpful x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. Great tips!! Love all of these.

    Lynda | DylanQueen

  3. I loved how perfrctly it gives the shape and makes it so easy for application. Thanks!