Tuesday 30 November 2010

i'm in lesbians with you.

Headband - H&M
Shirt - American Apparel
Skirt - American Apparel

This is what I'm wearing today, don't worry I'm not planning on going outside! I love this headband so much! Its a big black velvet bow and it always makes me feel cute. Doing this blog is making me realise how much stuff I wear from American Apparel. Its a shame that the one in Leeds is a bit rubbish, I can't find anything in there because of how they've laid out the stock. I always used to go to the one on Carnaby Street in London followed by a trip to Bodeans, nom nom nom.

Anyway I'm planning on staying inside today with the heating on full blast. I've got a cold which woke me up at 5am today & Chloe has a cough so we're better off in the warm. I'm probably gonna re-watch Scott Pilgrim later for the 3rd time in 2 weeks! I'm a bit late on the bandwagon because no one wanted to see it with me when it was on in the cinema. I love it though, might ask for the comic box set for Crimbo. I also downloaded the soundtrack because I really like the stuff Beck did for the film, especially 'Ramona'. I loved all the little references in it like how they used loads of Zelda music, plus he wears a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt which is the same as my tattoo, sweet :)


  1. Love the scott pilgrim quote for the title, hehe c: cute headbow too ^_^ x

  2. What a lovely headband! Anything with a bow on it and I'm all over it! I really like your tattoo also :) xo

  3. I love the Scott pilgrim soundtrack. I wish it had the clash at demonhead version of black sheep on it

  4. Thanks for your comment :)
    You look beautiful! Your hair is definitely pop-tastic, so gorgeous.
    Love the bow headband!

    Rosie x

  5. i love your blog! and your hair is really impressive considering how dark it used to be. saw you wear ardell lashes as well, i use 105 and i swear by them. i love your shirt and make up here as well. charlotte x

  6. Totes hear the headband. I'm having a little bit of a love affair with them - stocked up in a big way at H&M.

    Ahh, was just in Leeds at the weekend - I LOVE IT THERE. Agree though, the store is a bit of a mess.

    You look gorgeous, the blog's gorgeous = I'm now following.

    Natalie x


  7. Aaah, I love AA. I've only just discovered it, but I love their hoodies! xx

  8. the outfits gorgeous, that shade of pink reallly really suits you and your blonde :) i wish i owned more from AA they rock for basics!!!

    i think my mum knew i wanted to steal the poncho, she wore it on the day i was travelling home so i couldnt even sneak it into my case!xx

  9. I'm in love with your bow headband. I sometimes wish I had longer hair so I could wear amazing hair accessories.

  10. it looks like a dress its an awesome outfit! xx

  11. That bow headband is adorable! Looks great with your hair!

    I also love Ramona :)


  12. I've just discovered your blog and definitley following. I've opened a blog shop selling Alexander McQueen scarfs, Levis and a few other things so take a look if you're interested :)

  13. I love what you're wearing! My local American Apparel isn't that great either and on the small side, boo.
    I haven't seen that movie but I may just have to now!

  14. Love this outfit, very simple and chic x

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