Tuesday 3 May 2011

Death At The Chapel

Lace Shrug - Topshop
Polka Dot Vest - H&M
White Top - Topshop
Black Top - Topshop
Necklace - This Charming Girl

I started off this morning wearing this lace shrug & polka dot vest with a black bodycon skirt. Then just as I was taking some outfit photos the door rang and the postie turned up with a lovely package from Topshop. I ordered these two tops and some pink shorts on the 21st of April. I've been tracking them constantly ever since and got really concerned when two days ago the status changed to delivered. Luckily some nice person decided not to steal my parcel & instead popped it into a letterbox. Bloody Hermes, their service is ridiculously shiteous. So many online shops use them as couriers as well. Going by the Money Saving Expert forums I'm not the only one who's had problems with them. Ah well, I know now to just get on the train & visit a Topshop rather than ordering online.

I do love these tops though. They looked so gorgeous on the website I couldn't decide between them and had to order both colours. I think it'll be worth it though, they'll go with anything & they're exactly my kinda style. I'm staying in the white one with the lace shrug on top today. Not that I'm doing anything exciting as per usual. Probs just gonna go food shopping in a bit & play some Zelda: Twilight Princess. Still haven't finished it, I totally suck. I think the only Zelda game I've actually finished was Phantom Hourglass.

Anyone else excited for the new series of The Apprentice? I've just been looking pictures of the candidates on Digital Spy. I didn't realise it starts next week yay! Nothing better than some glorified salesmen making complete arses of themselves. I always get really annoyed on any task where they have to design something. It always looks like a 5 year old opened up Photoshop and plonked down the worst fonts known to man. I could do a better job than the graphic designers they use. Hire me BBC! By the way thank you for all your lovely comments about my design work in my last post. Hopefully I can put my skills to good use sometime soon!


  1. Love the white top especially, the ribbon at the neck is so cute! I really like your lace shrug too, I'm a sucker for anything lace!

  2. Very cute items, you have such a lovely style, very vintage and chic xx :o)

  3. the top is so cute!
    ah can't wait for the apprentice to come back :-)
    really love your blog btw, glad i found it!


  4. I hate the couriers that online shopping sites use, they are useless. Glad you got the tops in the end though!

  5. Love your style :) Loving your blog, so glad that Jennie recommended it!

    Hermes are rubbish! They once came to deliver to me, went to the house next door and couldn't work out that the number of my house was the one next door even though we have a sign. Absolute joke!

    I'm looking forward to the Apprentice too! It's always a bit of a laugh xxx

  6. you have the most pretty eyes <3 xx

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  8. Great blog! You are really pretty and I like your style :)

    ♥ Jo Betty