Sunday 1 May 2011

Electro Girl

Playsuit - Topshop
Cardigan - River Island
Tights - Primark
Ring - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Girlprops

I always feel a lot happier when I'm wearing bright colours and today is no exception. I think its like how the weather affects your mood, colours have that effect on me. Everything I'm wearing other than my new Miss Selfridge ring was actually bought years ago. One thing that I'm really glad I dug out of my stash is this orange lipstick. It's Electro by Mac and I think its such a nice colour. I'm definitely loving the bright lips trend this Summer. Are there any uber bright shades you'd care to recommend?

Not doing much today, think I'll just take Chloe to the park later on. I'm trying to get back into my design work as I think its definitely time I started looking for a job. Not that I'm likely to get a design job around here. Think I'll probably just apply to all the temp agencies & supermarkets to see if theres anything available part-time. I would still really like to continue with my graphic design work so I updated my portfolio website. I know its the new trend amongst bloggers to start up jewellery shops so I was thinking about starting up a shop selling giclee prints of my work. Well I'd have to start working on some stuff thats actually sellable. Most of my work is just projects I did at uni. Either way, I need a job haha.


  1. I love your lipstick and that playsuit looks really pretty on you c: xx

  2. looove the lipstick on you, it's lovely! have you tried vegas volt? i think it'd look lush on you too. love everything about your outfit too, the playsuit is adorbs xx

  3. That's a gorgeous playsuit it really suits you, I know you said people have teased you for your weight in your last post but I don't understand why at all! You look really slim to me! You've got a gorge small waist! Love the brights too :) even bright nailvarnish cheers me up haha


  4. Gorgeous playsuit Caroline! Your necklace is really lovely as well (: I've just been nosy and had a look at your portfolio, you are one talented lady :O I really like your work. xx

  5. You look beautiful! That lipstick is lovely as well, as for proper brights, I love Sleek, they do some proper poppers if you know what I mean haha! xx

  6. Your playsuit is gorgeous! x

  7. That playsuit is gorgeous , really suites you, and its perfect for the current sunny weather xx :o)

  8. love this outfit so much xx

  9. That playsuit is just gorgeous! The yellow cardigan goes really well with it. Definitely suits you lady :) xo

  10. floral playsuit is just lusssh. lovely styling.

    Helen, X

  11. you are such a talented designer! i don't think you will have a problem getting a job....that is once you find a place that is hiring! i am a designer myself and have just moved to southampton and let me tell ya it's not easy finding a job right now! but your work is awesome and i wish you all the best

  12. I hope the title is a boosh ref ;P
    awww yeah I want to get back to work too, it's going to be so hard leaving Corben with someone I was thinking I may wait till his at nursery. It's so pricey! BTW loving this outfit, that playsuit is really cute. xx