Friday 27 May 2011

Orange Blossom

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Primark
Socks - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - New Look
Rings - Urban Outfitters

I know I said I would never order clothes online again for fear of Hermes totally screwing up my delivery but when I saw that Dorothy Perkins had 25% off I couldn't resist. This dress is from their limited edition collection which I think might be website only? I love floral patterns & peter pan collars so this dress ticked all the boxes. I also got these really cute polka dot ankle socks. Been looking for some cute white ankle socks for yonks now, so I was happy to find these. Loving my new shoes too. I bought these from New Look yesterday after lusting after them for weeks. I was suckered in by their vintage style. I love the cut of the foot hole (lol technical terms). I always see tons of shoes like these in vintage shops but get put off by the thought of someone else wearing them once upon a time. Maybe its just me hehe.

Another purchase this week was a new tripod. I ordered one the other day as my old one was only 50" so I had to keep bending into weird positions to take photos. This one is 67" and it was an ebay bargain. It only cost £18 which is very cheap for such a high quality tripod. Seriously saved so much time taking photos this morning & will definitely encourage me to blog more often. This is the one I got. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good but cheap tripod.

Anyways this is what I wore today during a visit from my mum. I love it when she comes cos it means I get to go out at night. Tonight me and Andy went to Nandos where we devoured a whole chicken, garlic bread, chips & pitta bread with hummous. God I love Nandos, hadn't been in ages. Can't get enough of the extra hot sauce nom. I'm a total chilli fiend, I've been known to carry around a little bottle of tabasco with me because food is never hot enough! Afterwards we had a few cocktail pitchers but then had to get home for 9pm as my mum had too check into her hotel. Ah well, a date night is a date night even if its only for a few hours.


  1. Gorgeous dress you look so fab!!! xxx

  2. I love that dress! I've been eyeing it up for ages now! Might have to buy when my wages make their way into my bank!


  3. You look lovely. The ankle socks are a nice touch.

    I also love chili and keep bottles of hot sauce at home, in my office, in my boyfriend's office...oh dear.

  4. I soo need to get a tripod. It would make everything so much easier!
    Love that dress on you, and love that your legs photo matches the photo of your top half above it haha! xx

  5. This dress is just beautiful; and I have to get in on some of this cute-socks action!

  6. Such a great dress, 25% off as well?! Gah, I never manage to snap up any bargains haha. I really like those cute little socks as well, may just have to scout around for a pair of those in our little DP. Hope you had a lovely meal at Nando's, I'm definitely craving one now. xx

  7. Love the outfit! Such a beautiful dress :) x

  8. lovely, you look beautiful xxx

  9. What a gorgeous dress, I want one.
    I'm not a fan of chili, I'll add a little when cooking as my boyfriend loves it, but I hate too much heat.

  10. Gorgeous dress and it love it paired with the cute little ankle socks :) x

  11. u luk like beetlejuice.

  12. Oh, I do like the patterns on your dress!

  13. That dress is gorgeous, and I love the socks and shoes combo! I was tempted to order some stuff when Dorothy Perkins had their 25% off deal, but I managed to restrain myself for once haha.
    I totaly agree about vintage shoes - clothes are fine but the thought of wearing someone else's shoes creeps me out!

  14. Gorgeous dress! Nandos is amaze! xxx

  15. Amazing dress! You look soooo cute!
    Your blog is amazing too! <3
    Following you!
    Hope you follow me too!

  16. thanks for your comment hun, :]
    beautiful dress, i have so many of these belts, i love primark belts haha xx

  17. your dress is beautiful. I love the little pouff shoulders. they look so cute. the colours are so summery. I like.

    love, kimi

  18. I'm obsessed with dotty p's just now :]
    They have some amazing floral items and I adore their peter pan collared tops! They're so cute!
    I love this dress.


  19. gorgeous! the dress is so pretty, love the peter pan collar. Love your hair, too. I wish i was blonde. x