Saturday 2 February 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

01. Only one person has ever guessed this but I am actually mixed race. My mum is Anglo-Indian which makes me half Anglo-Indian, half English. It seems odd that I'm one of the palest people around considering everyone on my mum's side of the family has really dark skin.

02. I used to be really into acting and achieved up to Grade 6 in the LAMDA exams. I was also involved in many productions at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley including Boogie Nights & The Witches where I got to be the Grand High Witch!

03. I'm probably the worst person to be blogging about lipsticks because my bottom lip is completely wonky. When I was about 3 years old my sister placed a Daim bar on top of a shelving unit which I then climbed to reach the chocolate bar. I fell, my lip split in two and I had to have stitches which are still visible under my lip today.

04. I used to have Snakebites & an Industrial piercing. My ears are still stretched to 10mm.

05. I've been dyeing my hair different colours since I was 9 years old.

06. I used to be a really fussy eater and would make my mum prepare my food in a certain way such as pick out all the kidney beans from my portion of chilli. Now I eat almost everything except fish, peppers, mushrooms & lamb.

07. Some of my friends & I used to pretty much stalk Busted & McFly. We used to call ourselves 'The Tramps'. We would to go to as many CD:UK & TOTP recordings that they were on as possible & would get drunk at 7am on the train so we could seem cool if they happened to talk to us (because drunk 16 year olds are so cool!). We even walked around random houses in North Finchley trying to find the house that McFly shared. Personal highlights of our stalky times were meeting Harry from McFly in the Camden Barfly and being invited onto the Fightstar tourbus outside Leeds Met Student Union (yes we travelled from London just to see them & so began my love affair with Leeds!). Charlie stole my cigarettes & my friend had a wee outside their bus because she didn't want to ask to use their toilet. Ahh memories!

08. My style icon & favourite actress is Chloe Sevigny. I wish I could be even half as cool as she is.

09. I've been bullied over my weight since Infant School where the other kids would call me 'Little Miss Piggy'.

10. I have been on holiday to France, Germany, Spain & America. I worked in a record shop in Spain for two weeks as part of my Spanish A-Level. In 2008 I went to New York twice; once for my birthday & once for Christmas. In future I'd like to visit Japan & more places in America.

11. My first ever celebrity crush was Christian Slater in Heathers. I still use his 'greetings & salutations' line all the time (eg. my blog sidebar!).

12. I used to be really depressed when I was about 15 years old. The only thing that made me feel better was listening to The Smashing Pumpkins. They have been my favourite band ever since and I have a tattoo of their logo on my right forearm.

13. I am allergic to nuts, nickel, pollen & lime.

14. My friends & I used to be into Wicca when we were at school. I bought a ton of books about it & loads of supplies such as candles & crystals but never actually got round to doing any spells or practicing it as a religion. The closest we got was reciting the spells out of our Buffy The Vampire Slayer series companion books.

15. I have a slight phobia of walking down stairs. I still do it like a million times a day but it does panic me a bit if someones coming up on the side I'm coming down on or theres no bannister to hold on to. I always think that I'm going to trip & break my neck so I often just take one step at a time or walk down them sideways, like a crab.

16. I did have braces when I was younger but I accidentally threw away my retainer with my lunch one day. The dentist had made me sign a contract saying I would never take off the retainer and I was scared that I'd broken the contract so I never went and got a new one. Hence my wonky teeth. Its one of my biggest regrets in life!

17. I've been around on the Internet since I was 12 years old. I started off by posting in the Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden Pokemon forums before making my own anime fansites on Geocities. I then moved onto Livejournal before owning various personal domains. Even though I no longer post in my Livejournal I still visit OhNoTheyDidn't & Off_Highstreet every day.

18. The first album I ever owned was Bat Out Of Hell II by Meat Loaf.

19. I'm obsessed with RPGs. I would never LARP but I do love MMORPGs such as Phantasy Star Online & Ragnarok Online. I used to spend hours playing them every day. Its a good job I have a Macbook Pro now that can't run them or I would literally get nothing done. My favourite video game of all time is Shining Force 2 on the Mega Drive.

20. I love spicy food and put either Tabasco Sauce, Sriracha or Nando's Sauce on pretty much every savoury meal.


  1. aww i really liked this one, really interesting and quirky facts :) i particularly like that you stalked busted/mcfly (mcfly are hot, id stalk them so bad!) and did spells from buffy!
    and the thought of you walking like a crab down stairs... it's both adorable and hilarious. although not so hilarious for you im guessing haha.

  2. Hahahah this reminds me of me. I had a band with my pals when I was a kid (The Poppets evolving in to D.W.A - uh don't ask.) Also I did the wicca thing too. Fun times! x

  3. This was really interesting to read, though number 19 made no sense to me unfortunately ( LARP,MMORPG?)And I used to, and still do, love busted and mcfly, I met James when I was younger in a cafe in Cornwall!
    megan x

  4. Haha I love your stair walking! I seem to have a bit of an obsession that I can't have anyone on the same staircase as me - Very annoying at say, University? Theres about 6 sets of 10 steps and if someone opens a door and gets on the same staircase as me I have to LEG IT down onto the next set and make sure they're never on the same one as me. I have no idea why I do this, but imagine how I feel when its busy. HELP ME!

    I never guessed about your ethnic roots, but thats so interesting!! So odd that you're completely as pale as me though haha. Gawjus though, of course. I used to be the fussiest eater too - I remember it causing so many problems at lower school when they repeatedly called my mother thinking I had an eating problem because I refused to eat what they served - They once tried to watch me eat beans so I put them all on the floor to try and 'hide' them, I was an idiot, but I stillllll hate them, bleugh!! But now I eat lots of stuff :D Never sardines though, never.

    Haha, this was an awesome facts post! I did one the other day, and Dan was nosing in commenting on every single fact I mentioned - (He filmed it), turned out quite funny! Go and looooook!!
    Sarah xxxx

  5. i love reading these kinds of posts, so interesting. and i was obsessed with busted when i was younger, i had all of the albums and calenders aha xxx

  6. I've been on the internet since 12 too haha ahh livejournal days, how i miss thee! Loved all these facts! x

  7. I'm quite a fussy eater too, although I didn't realise until the girls at Uni commented on it! My parents are both chefs and in the restaurant industry so I've always taken 'custom' meals for granted at home - whoops! And the stairs thing - oh gosh this is me. It's getting worse by the day which is terrible as I commute into London everyday, and all those stairs at the station terrify me. xx

  8. Yay I am loving these posts so much and don't normally like the blog tags that go around, this one is a great way to get to know everyone and reminds you everyone is a normal human being. Not a scarey, famous blogfiend!

  9. I saw Mcfly so many times when I was a teenager! xx

  10. I lost my retainer so many times!

  11. RPGs are my favourite video game genre and I dedicated so much time to them when I was a teen. I swear if I didn't need to get uni work done I'd be playing video games :'D

  12. Loved reading about No#7, I'm still very much obsessed with McFLY (probably not as much as I was when I was younger) and am very jealous you've met Harry! I was also a really fussy eater until I started Uni and started to buy food for myself lol xoxo

  13. Your Mcfly story made me chuckle a lot. Too cool!
    Kaz x

  14. One of my friends was fairly obsessed with Mcfly at the same time, I bet that you would have bumped into her at some point haha :) I'm also a massive fussy eater, I don't eat meat and i'm allergic to dairy so I'm prettyy much impossible to feed :) I would never have guessed your ethnic routes at all, thats really interesting!
    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  15. hahaha if i had been in london when i was younger i would have stalked mcfly and busted with you! how lucky you got being on fightstars tourbus and meeting harry <3

  16. Funnily enough when Busted were together I hated them and now I love them!x

  17. Great post, so interesting! Smashing Pumpkins are one of my favourite bands too, when I was 18 a billy Corgan lookalike worked in wilkinsons so I used to go in nearly every day and stalk him!Xx

  18. Oh my god I'm like you with the stairs thing! Especially ones with the gaps in, they scare the living daylights out of me. I love all things wicca too, I have tarot cards, dream books the lot! xx

  19. Ah, my nan is Anglo-Indian! Im so pale though, compared to my dad's side of the family! Enjoyed reading this :) xx

  20. I had no idea you were a thehighstreet girl!!!!!! OMG we could probably reminisce loads about that. Also I have a massiv fear of stairs - I think it's because if anyone ever falls down the stairs on telly they die and break their neck lol.

  21. Walking down steps sideways like a crab haha! Cuteeee x

  22. I'm petrified of stairs too! I always get really panicky if there's people too close to me aha :) I lost my retainer as well so my teeth aren't straight any more either! :(

    Rhiannon xx

  23. This was a great post and really interesting. X

  24. Loved reading this so much! I'm the exact same with stairs!!

    Jennie xo |

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  26. I used to be obsessed with Busted and McFly too, although I was four years younger than you at the time! I don't eat fish either, the sight, smell and taste absolutely repulses me.

  27. I love these kind of posts!

    I was a total Busted fan girl, but I didn't have any 'real life' friends to stalk them with. They were the first thing I was totally obsessed with and introduced me, at the age of 13, to the wonders of the internet, I loved James Bourne!

    I would love to have travelled as much as you have, I've only been to France and Italy, oh and the Isle of Wight, but I'm not sure if that counts!


  28. I love these posts, i always have such a giggle reading them and you stalking mcfly and busted made me laugh :)
    Check out my 25 facts over at
    Sammie x

  29. I lost my retainer as well so my teeth aren't straight any more either! :(

    crème visage