Thursday 7 February 2013

Object Of Desire: Shoes

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Shoes are something I always covet. Like most other girls, no matter how many pairs I own I always want more. Unless you're buying from Primark all the time they can get pretty expensive so heres a list of some of the ones I'm lusting after at the minute. Hopefully I'll be able to resist buying them all!

01. I went to Leeds the other day and couldn't resist nipping into the awesome new Topshop there. Almost every sales assistant was wearing these heels & they look bloody amazing in real life. I'm sure the staff discount definitely lessens the pain of the £85(!) price tag.

02. Victoria posted about these in one of her recent eBay posts & it was love at first sight. I love chunky black boots & the buckle detail looks so cool. They look like something you'd find in Topshop for 80 odd quid but these are only £27 including postage! I can definitely see myself ordering a pair of these.

03. Jeffery Campbell make some absolutely stunning shoes. I'd love to get my hands on some Litas but they're way out of my price range. These have been reduced to a more reasonable £55 in the sale and would look killer on a night out.

04. I may have already ordered these gorgeous studded flats from Barratts! I really like that they have both gold spikes & crystal gems. I like a lot of embellishment on my shoes so these definitely fit the bill.

05. The studded platform on these Topshop shoes looks so cool. I've drooled over these instore and they seem like they would be fairly easy to walk in despite the massive heel.

06. I recently bought Chloe a pair of yellow Hunter wellies & they look so cute on her! Its made me really tempted to invest in my own pair but in the more classic glossy black colour.

07. I really love these nude suede shoes from Republic. I wear a lot of black clothes so I think its nice to wear something contrasting on my feet. I like the chunky heel & the big platform makes them look like they'd be really comfy. Perfect for dancing all night long in.

08. I'd love to get my hands on any of the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes but these are such a nice colour & are exactly the kind of thing I go for during the day.


  1. Ah this wishlist is SO perfect!! 3 and 5 are my faves, I am obsessed with studs and spikes!Xx

  2. i am in love with 7 and 2!

  3. oh they're all so pretttttty <3

  4. I know the feeling! I have quite a lot of shoes, but never enough! The Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes are very cute, Would like to have some of those too!



  5. Pair 2 are my favourite, and I love the price!

  6. I love pair 3, not sure if I could walk in them though! x

  7. You have amazing shoe taste and I would buy all of these. I really want a pair of Hunter wellingtons too.

  8. I love the fit of Hunters as they aren't terribly baggy on the leg and fit more like boots! xxx

  9. I adore the first pair! I am loving cut outs at the moment xx

  10. I have a pair of Melissa bow flats but it's been far too cold and rainy here recently to wear them - they're great shoes though x

  11. Oooooo great wish list! I have so many shoes but I just can't resist them! Think the first Topshop ones are my fave! Wish I had the money right now!
    Chloe xx

  12. ooo the toppers chunky cut out boots are delicious! x

  13. Oh my, I want each and every one! This is so much eye candy. Perfect collection. xx

  14. oh goddddd I'd love all of these! xx

  15. I got the Topshop Stunner heels from next2nowt for £45 a few weeks ago, have a little look on there, they're normally returns of have slight defects but mine were in brand new condition and they're surprisingly comfortable! :)


    1. omg wow thanks so much for the link! that site is epic! definitely buying them now :D xx

  16. I can honestly say I want ALL of these shoes they're amazing - I've got No.4 hehe but I REALLY want NO.1 +8 hehe the Topshop ones are fabulous - I'll need to have a shop soon mee thinks hehe
    Love your blog - def a new follower here!

  17. The black Hunter wellies look really cool :) Practical, sturdy and versatile as well!