Friday 15 February 2013

Crystal Clear Lift Away The Years Event

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of a rather fantastic new skincare device by Crystal Clear. At the event I had the pleasure of meeting the MD of Crystal Clear, Sharon Hilditch MBE. Sharon has been working on this new anti-aging device for the past two years. It's called Lift Away The Years and is essentially a pen applicator for anti-aging serum that vibrates & has a rotating roller-ball head. It is clinically proven to increase skin firmness as well as reduce fine lines & wrinkles. It produces an instant firming & lifting effect to the whole face. This is a new innovative way of applying moisturiser & it is fascinating to see the difference it can make. Sharon's skin looks amazing so she's obviously doing something right!

After telling us a bit about the product Sharon gave us a live demonstration of how to use the pen. She placed one pump full of the Intense Anti-Aging Serum into the top of the applicator and showed us how it works. You basically turn it on, place the applicator onto your neck & massage upwards in circular motions. By starting at the bottom of your face & working upwards it helps to deliver the full lifting effect. You can also use it in short strokes to follow the contours of your face which will really help to focus on any problem areas you have. Increasing the pressure used on different areas feels really good, especially under the brow bone. Sharon then tried it out on all of us individually. It felt so relaxing & I could immediately see the difference. I don't have any wrinkles yet but my cheekbones were visibly lifted & my jawline looked tighter. Pretty amazing results for someone with a flabby round face! It also worked wonders on my laughter lines. Facial massage is something I've briefly dabbled with in the past but this just makes it so much simpler & it requires literally no effort. You can just do it whilst watching telly or browsing the internet. Plus you're applying your moisturiser at the same time. Win win!

Lift Away The Years works in two ways. The vibration helps the facial muscles to contract, stimulating blood flow in the skin. This tones the face restoring the contours & firming up any loose or flabby bits. The powerful serum inside the pen plumps fine lines & wrinkles from within and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. The applicator also improves the absorption of product so your skin will fully benefit from your moisturiser. Impressive stuff huh?

Crystal Clear are a skincare brand most well known for their microdermabrasion salon treatments but they also produce four different ranges of products. These include anti-aging, blemish-prone & body care as well as a range of professional products. They are a salon brand so I've never actually had the chance to play with any of their products before. This was a great opportunity to find out more about the products and mentally add some of them to my ever-growing beauty wishlist. As someone with combination, blemish-prone skin I especially like the sound of the Defence Mask & Skin Brightening Complex.

The event was held at Room restaurant in Manchester which was such a lovely venue. They provided us with some really delicious canapés. I especially enjoyed the duck spring rolls, shots glasses of pumpkin soup & little cups of crème brûlée. I'll definitely have to pop back there sometime & try out the rest of the menu!

After the event we were all gifted one of the Lift Away The Years applicators and a full size bottle of the Intense Anti-Aging Serum to use inside of the pen. I also received a bottle of the Wipe Away The Years Cleansing Milk. I absolutely adore the smell of these skincare products! They both contain a complex of sweet orange, geranium, santal and grapefruit essential oils which help with the restructuring of skin. Apart from the lovely scent the most noticeable thing about these products is how soft & smooth they leave my skin feeling. The anti-aging serum is such a brilliant product. Its like a serum and moisturiser in one & is especially good for people with dehydrated skin. I really like it on its own but its even better when used in conjunction with the Lift Away The Years applicator. I've literally only been using these for a couple of days so its far too early to give you a full review of these products but I'm really loving them so far. I always think that prevention is better than cure so its important to start using anti-aging products around your mid-20s rather than when you're in your 40s. At 24 years old this is the perfect time for me to start using something like this. Lift Away The Years delivers instantly visible results so I'm excited to see the long term difference it will make to my skin.

Lift Away The Years will be available later this month & will retail at £79.99 including a 30ml bottle of Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Aging Serum.

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  1. I definitely agree that prevention is the cure when it comes to anti-ageing. I'm only 19, but my mum has always drilled into me the importance of looking for and targeting the signs of ageing. This product looks really interesting- looking forward to seeing what you have to say about the results of the product!

    The January Girl ♥

  2. Sounds great products and looks like a fab event x

  3. Super intrigued by this. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after further use but in all honestly I think I've probably already been sold based on the instant results you saw x Becky

    Cosmetic Debris

  4. This sounds great, if a little bizarre! Any chance of a before and after pic?


  5. Looks like a really interesting product and a great event!

    A little bit Unique


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