Saturday 11 January 2014

Clique Magazine

Editorial design is one of my favourite subjects. I even wrote a book about it when I was at university. I'm always interested in reading new publications & magazines. These days most people consider the magazine industry to be a dying one. This is mainly due to the advent of current technology. Kindles, iPhones & iPads are now the preferred reading methods of the masses. I have to admit that I often ignore magazines in favour of blogs now because bloggers have the ability to keep up with current trends & post information instantly. However I was still really interested to hear about Clique magazine*. This magazine is different to all the other publications currently on sale. Clique have managed to integrate the ease of flicking through a regular print magazine with smartphone technology to create a truly interactive reading experience. Print is not dead because this is the future.

Clique is the first 'shoppable' glossy magazine. What really sets it apart from other fashion, beauty & lifestyle magazines is that you can purchase things straight from the page using a smartphone. There's no hunting around for months before you find something in the shops, it's all right there on your phone. The emphasis in this magazine is definitely on shopping & showcasing new products. However there is still a lot of editorial content & plenty of things to read such as interviews, recipes & style advice. The interactive element really adds to these articles. By scanning different parts of the page you can access videos, image galleries, free samples, discounts & competitions. Content can be bought, shared, watched or bookmarked, as if the experience was happening online. Pretty cool right?

To celebrate the launch of Clique magazine, they teamed up with designer Katie Eary whose celebrity fans include Kayne West, Tinie Tempah, Rita Ora & Rihanna. She created a special limited edition range for Clique comprising of a t-shirt, iPad case & iPhone cover. Here I have the iPhone cover* & it sure is a beaut! I really love that red leopard print pattern. It's the perfect thing to adorn your smartphone with before snapping away with the corresponding app. These are being exclusively sold by Phones4u. Special collaborations with designers and brands are sure to be a regular thing with Clique magazine so I'm excited to see what else they have planned.

The Clique app itself is incredibly easy to use. After registering an account you are presented with a camera view on your phone screen. Simply hold your phone over the item you wish to purchase & you can buy it straight from the app. You can hover over anything in the magazine - articles, advertisements, fashion photo shoots - and it will bring up the corresponding item directly on your phone. It works really well with no errors or crashes. You can download it from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also access the extra content via desktop, laptop and tablet so don't worry if you don't own a smartphone.

What's more is that the magazine is free every month! You simply have to sign up on the Clique website. If you're one of the first to register you will receive a copy by post as well as new product alerts, fashion news, styling & beauty tips directly into your inbox. Free copies of Clique are only available while stocks last so if you do not receive a print edition of Clique, you will be sent a link to the free online & tablet edition. I think that this interactive magazine concept is truly innovative & it's an exciting new approach to editorial content. Clique is a magazine that you can really get involved with. The combination of a traditional glossy magazine with the capabilities of current technology is sure to be a winner. Make sure you sign up & download the app today!

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  1. This is incredible... Though probably such a bad idea if you're trying to save money, you'd have to hide my phone or i'd be buying everything that caught my eye! The print on the phone case is gorgeous; and i'm not usually that keen on leopard print but the red colour is stunning.
    Just signed myself up!!

  2. Ooh just signed up! This looks great.

    Katie |

  3. Really interesting idea - hope it continues to grow.

    Jazzie x

  4. An interactive magazine sounds really clever and your interest in editorial design is inspiring! :-) xx

    Helen @

  5. Wow this is amazing and as soon as I finished reading this post I went straight onto their website to register my details! :D

    This is an amazing idea, because as you said magazines aren't doing so great since tablets, phones and the internet suddenly being able to do what a magazine has been doing for years and years.

    I love flicking through a magazine!

  6. Sounds lovely and I still adore to read magazines especially my favorite ones. I think what they are doing is so hightech and still classic. I also love the phone case design.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  7. This is such an amazing idea! So cool

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic