Saturday, 18 January 2014

Jewellery For Stretched Ears

Jewellery For Stretched Ears From

When I was younger I used to be really into body modifications. I always wanted loads of piercings & tattoos because I just love the way they look. I ended up with snakebites, an industrial piercing, normal ear lobes, stretched ear lobes & a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo. I've since taken out the snakebites & industrial because I got bored of them but I decided to keep my stretched lobes. Once you've stretched them they're the easiest piercing to take care of & there's some really cool jewellery available. People often stop me on the street to ask about them & I always get guys asking me for stretching tips. A lot of them couldn't stand the pain & wondered how I'd coped!

The first thing I'm always asked is where I get my flesh tunnels from & the answer to that is I've been buying from them for years and I only ever wore their bioplast labret studs in my lip piercings. If you're worried about metal allergies or labret backs rubbing down your teeth then bioplast is the answer. I do have a metal allergy so I only wear silicone flesh plugs & tunnels in my stretched ear lobes. They're really comfy to sleep in and their squidgyness makes them easy to put in & take out. My favourite pair are the black jewelled silicone flesh tunnels & I hardly ever change them because they go with everything. I also have them in pink because they're such a cool style. In general I prefer tunnels but I fancied trying some new plugs out. I was kindly sent a few new pairs of tunnels & plugs by the lovely people at I really wanted to try out the hider flesh plugs to see if they worked. They seem like a great idea if you work somewhere that doesn't allow piercings. Here's some pictures of my earring collection:

Black Jewelled Silicone Flesh Tunnel

Pink Jewelled Silicone Flesh Tunnel

White Jewelled Silicone Flesh Tunnel*

Neon Green Silicone Flesh Plug*

Neon Pink Silicone Flesh Plug*

Solid Silicone Hider Flesh Plug*

Incase you're wondering my ears are currently 10mm/00 gauge and it took me a whole year to get them that big. I did it a few years ago & have never felt the urge to go any bigger than that. By keeping them at a fairly small size I always have the option of healing them up if I do ever decide to take them out. If you're interested in stretching your ears then here are some of my top tips:

- To stretch your ears you need a tapered insertion pin. Normal ear piercings are about 1.6mm so you want to buy the next size up and very slowly push the pin through your lobe. You should only push it in until you can feel your lobes tingling, there shouldn't be any pain. You then hold it in place using O rings whilst your ear adjusts to the bigger hole.

- Pure vitamin E oil is your earlobe's best friend. I use this stuff to add some lubrication when I need to change jewellery. You should also use it when you're doing a stretch. You cannot stretch your ears without oil. It's also important to massage your lobes with oil to keep them healthy.

- Be patient. Your ears take time to heal between stretches so don't go up to the next size too quickly. It took me a year to get to 10mm for a reason, it is much safer & less painful that way. I'd say at least one month between stretches is best.

- Keep them clean. Ear gunk stinks so it's important to take your plugs out and give them a good clean every now & then. If you have a fresh stretch you should only clean them with saline solution. Turn the taper around very gently to prevent buildup & clean inside of the hole.

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  1. Love these plugs, I kind of wish I didn't get three piercings in each lobe so I could stretch them.

  2. Love all of these - mine are a very similar colour to the neon pink ones. I love the site too - buy all my jewellery from there, even my Mum's started to get her piercing jewellery from there now too!

    Tess x

  3. I really love the Body Jewellery Shop too! I've had loads of bits and pieces from them over the years :) xxx

  4. I love my stretched ears but I've never bought from the body jewellery shop before! My ears are at 26mm now and I still want to go bigger! The only thing I don't like about having bigger ears is the price that some of the larger jewellery can cost!
    Great post, I'm going to look at the site now!

    Vicky xo

  5. I used to have 12mm but I've closed them up now and it's made me so sad seeing this post haha, I really miss all my tunnels :( I really like the pink jewelled one! <3

  6. Not something I would ever do but I agree there is some lovely jewellery x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. I always buy from there. Cheap but good and reliable! Can I ask why you decided to stretch your second piercings rather than first? Most of the time you don't see that! :) xx

  8. Very nice! I find it difficult to find nice jewellery for larger lobes (kind of like bras) - I've been wearing the same Rose Wood pair for 3 years now. I always used pure coconut oil as a lubricant when stretching, and still massage it into my lobes once a week or so now, 9 years post-stretch!

    Big fan of BJS, this post is great!

    Charlotte - xx

  9. I really like the look of that last one, great post!

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  11. They suit you so well! I used to own that black one when I had mine stretched, part of me really thinks I should get them back ,but do it properly this time. (unfortunately, I was a stupid 14 year old who decided quick stretching was the right way, ugh.)

  12. I used to buy my navel jewellery from Body Jewellery Shop when I still had it but it's healed now (not my choice it was actually an accident!) I couldn't wear steel so switched to titanium and I found it really difficult to find places that sold pretty jewellery. I love the pink and black one's with the stones in. They both look really pretty x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  13. These really suit you pretty lady, and thank you so much for your lovely comment! Hope you're well!

    Elizabeth x

  14. I love your blog

  15. I miss having my ears stretched! I got disheartened when (as i call my "bad ear") wouldn't stretch as much as my other. The hider plugs are really pretty but I think it's still noticeable that they're there.

    The Student Blog x

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