Friday 31 January 2014

Degustabox: The Monthly Food Subscription Box

Degustabox* - £9.99 + £3 Delivery

There's only one thing better than a beauty box & that is a food box. I've read about quite a few other food subscription boxes recently & they all seem to have a slant to them, whether they're gourmet, vegan or diet food. Degustabox angles itself as more of a general 'tasting' box - after all 'degusta' is the Spanish word for 'tasting' (thank you A-Level Spanish!). They've recently launched in the UK & I got to try out their first ever box. Every month subscribers can expect to receive between 10-15 food & drink products from 6-8 different well known brands. The idea is that many of the items included will be new, special or innovative in some way so that you can experience new flavours or something slightly different to what you would usually pick up from the supermarket. The boxes cost just £12.99 including shipping with no minimum subscription term. The value of the food inside will always be at least double the price of the box. I'm always trying to trim down my food budget so this is a fantastic way of trying out some new products & saving money at the same time. I was slightly concerned that I would receive things that I wouldn't like as I'm a bit of a fussy eater. However I'm pleased to say that I have tried everything in the box & all of it was really yummy.

The main difference that stands out to me between Degustabox & other food subscription services is the sheer quantity of products you receive. Everything is delivered in a huge box & it's packed to the brim with food & drink. I have purchased items from many of the brands featured before & I like that there's a lot of cupboard staples included. You know that this stuff will all get eaten & that is why it is excellent value for money.

Inside the box you're presented with a list of all the products & some recipe ideas of how to use some of them. I think the recipe card is such a great idea. I sometimes don't know which seasonings to use when cooking so this was really helpful. I loved making the potato wedges!

Finally onto the goodies! In my box I received three cans of Bavaria beer, Spiced Chai Latte, four sachets of Bisto gravy, Oxo Shake & Flavour seasoning granules, Bisto chicken stock melts, two jars of Reggae Reggae sauce, two packs of Yu! granola clusters, two packets of Belvita breakfast biscuits and a bar of Green & Black's Spiced Chilli dark chocolate. The beer was great - low alcohol content but flavourful & sweet, especially the lemon one. I always buy the Drink Me Chai teas so I was very happy to receive a new tin. The Bisto gravys were really nice, very rich & delicious. I made the garlic & herb potato wedges using the seasoning granules, they tasted fantastic. I always buy the stock melts for making soup & quinoa, they're much better than powder stock cubes. The Reggae Reggae sauces were nice, the cooking sauce tasted like a Caribbean version of sweet & sour chicken. The Yu! granola clusters are my new obsession, I've repurchased several packets already! I love Belvita biscuits, especially the yoghurt ones. I've tried lots of Green & Black's chocolate products before but never Spiced Chilli. It reminded me of Mexican chilli hot chocolate, quite unusual but tasty all the same.

If you want to sign up for one, Degustabox have given me a special discount code so you can get £3 off your first box. Just enter sparklyvodka999 at the checkout. You can even order a gift subscription for someone else. If I was still at uni I'd be begging my mum to buy me one haha. I will definitely be ordering another Degustabox. It was such a brilliant treat & I can't wait to see what'll be in the next one. You can find out more about Degustabox on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. I'm still not sold on these boxes, I think I would prefer something that gave you all the ingredients for a few meals x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. that actually sounds like a great idea! hopefully some kind of marketing genius will see this and start one xx

  2. When I read the title I imagined it would be similar to beauty boxes where you get 3-5 items - wasn't expecting all of this! Looks like a great idea to try out little things that you don't normally pick up. Not too fussed about the breakfast biscuits etc though - not very exciting!


    1. the huge amount of food inside is a such massive bonus. i know i'd rather get loads of stuff i will definitely eat rather than 5 weird condiments or something. haha i love belvitas! i think they were included because the apricot yoghurt one is a new flavour xx

  3. I'm at Uni and this sounds like a fab idea! So many items in here it'd save me some money if my mom opted to subscribe!

  4. Wow that's so many products! Great idea.


    Beth Young Makeup

  5. You need some cocktails with your food! offers amonthly cocktail kit subscription. Each box with the ingredients and recipes to make 4-5 cocktails at home.