Wednesday 27 August 2014

Anna Sui Eye & Lip Color Palettes

Anna Sui Eye Color Palette* / Anna Sui Lip Color Palette*

More than 15 years since it's initial launch, Anna Sui's beauty collection finally reached our shores at the end of last year. Just like her fragrances, the cosmetics line is well known for it's quirky yet beautiful packaging. Anna Sui's iconic Dolly Girl was one of the first 'proper' perfumes that I ever purchased. It's sweet floral scent quickly won over my teenage self. Being a longterm Anna Sui fan I've been eager to try some of her makeup products. I was recently sent a couple of palettes from her latest collection & I've really been enjoying using them. The range of colours present is rather unique which definitely increases their appeal. Both of these palettes normally retail for £28 each but Escentual currently have them on offer for just £14!

In a world of neutral eyeshadow palettes the Anna Sui Eye Color Palette* is a breath of fresh air. The palette has a good balance of light & dark shades. The vast majority are very pigmented & smooth. The first seven pans have a particularly nice velvety texture. I noticed a lot of fallout with the darker colours so pop a tissue under your eye before applying them. They also feel quite gritty. I wish the black didn't have those chunky glitter particles & was a soft matte shadow instead. I think the colours in this palette are quite Autumnal so it'd be a worthy investment for the coming months. I adore the shimmery golds & pinks which add a touch of romance to any makeup look. I used the four shades in the left hand corner in my photos & I think they all look really pretty. I applied the dark pink shade all over the lid and blended the golden bronze shadow into the crease & underneath my eyes. Then I used the white to highlight my tear duct & the shimmery peach underneath my brow bone. The result is a warm & girly smokey eye. The whole palette is very versatile & can be easily utilised for any number of makeup looks. The eyeshadow pans contain 1.5g of product so considering you're paying £1.40 for each one, this palette is really great value for money.

The Anna Sui Lip Color Palette* features 10 glossy lipsticks. Much like the eyeshadow palette, the pigmentation varies on some of the shades but overall the quality is excellent. Most of them are opaque in one swipe. They feel really silky on the lips & are comfortable to wear. The texture is quite balmy so they feel very creamy & hydrating. They also have a lovely subtle rose scent! Each lip colour lasts a good few hours on me but their glossy nature means that you will need to reapply them. They fade evenly & some of the brighter colours leave a pretty stain. There's such a fab range of colours here. Peaches, pinks, corals & reds - this palette has them all. The white shimmer is meant to be used with one of the other colours to add dimension but it looks okay as a glittery lip balm too. I don't think the peachy shades really suit me but otherwise I'll get a lot of use out of this palette. My favourite colour has to be the fourth one along the top row. It's a bright punchy coral that instantly lifts my complexion. I actually really like the last one as well, it's a nice vampy & glossy burgundy that would look totally badass on a night out. You can mix & match any of the colours to create your own custom lipstick which makes this palette even more awesome.

The lip brush included isn't great but that doesn't devalue the palette at all. I apply them using the Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush which works brilliantly. It allows you to shape your lips well & the lid makes it perfect for your handbag - totally essential if you want to top these up on the go. If you don't fancy using a lip brush then these also look nice as lip stains by softly dabbing them onto your lips. Minus the first three shades I think this palette is utterly fantastic. I only wish it came with a mirror in the top!

I am so impressed with both of these palettes! There's something here to suit every occasion. They would make such lovely gifts for anyone. The lip palette is definitely my favourite of the two. It's incredibly versatile & features so many gorgeous colours. I love the floral packaging which is made from light yet sturdy cardboard. They feel like quality palettes but they won't weigh down your makeup bag. These palettes are limited edition so if you like the look of them I'd suggest snapping them up quick! At just £14 each you won't find a better beauty bargain anytime soon.

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  1. I'm loving this palette and this review! Thanks very much for the insightful post and high-quality pictures. You look absolutely stunning in all the lipstick shades, it's hard to pick a favourite. I've always been curious about Anna Sui but haven't really looked into it as much as I should. Looking at these palettes, I really should. haha

    Thanks so much for the review! =D

    Fuurin Diary

  2. These look so beautiful, the shades are just perfect and that packaging... swoon x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. I usually hate lip palettes but this one looks really pretty!

    Jazzie x

  4. My god the lip palette looks absolutely amazing on you! every colour seems to suit you. Lovely post x

  5. Both these palettes just look wonderful, the packing of them is absolutely stunning x

  6. These are beautiful and the colours are great, especially the lips. I had Dolly Girl too !

  7. These look so cute, cant believe how pigmented those lip colours are! They look lovely!

    Over on my blog i am having a Real Techniques, YSL and Barry M giveaway: