Wednesday 6 August 2014

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash - £5.95

Organic Surge are one of my favourite budget skincare brands. All of their products feature natural ingredients, are cruelty free & untouched by harsh chemicals. Yet they are still highly effective & my skin loves them. Until recently the only place I'd personally seen their products for sale was online so product availability had always been an issue for me. I was rather excited when I noticed that my local Co-Op had started carrying a small selection of their goodies. One product that stood out to me in the store was their Daily Care Face Wash. At the minute I'm trying to keep the majority of my skincare routine quite gentle so that all the AHAs, BHAs & retinoids I use can achieve the maximum impact on my skin without over sensitising it. This cleanser sounded like a lovely gentle face wash that wouldn't dry out my skin. The inclusion of organic rose geranium leaf essential oil clinched it for me & I've been using it day and night for the past few weeks.

A word of warning: if you're not a fan of rose scents then you'll probably hate it. The fragrance is completely natural but still very strong. Otherwise this lightly foaming gel cleanser is a great choice for all skin types. I normally remove my makeup using a micellar water or an oil cleanser but as this face wash claims to get rid of makeup as well as impurities I decided to give it a go. For a gel this product does a surprisingly good job of removing makeup. Combined with a muslin cloth it can get rid of everything, including heavy eye makeup, without irritation. I really like that you can double cleanse with it at night, it saves buying a separate makeup remover.

Gels get a bad rep as being drying but that only tends to be the case when they contain nasty ingredients. Although it does lather up quite a bit, this process is 100% natural as Organic Surge don't use SLS in their products. It leaves my skin feeling clean & fresh, never stripped. Some of the key ingredients include organic aloe vera, natural glycerine & of course that lovely rose geranium leaf essential oil. This trio help to soothe irritation & redness, attract moisture to the skin and perk up a dull complexion. After washing my face with this cleanser my skin immediately looks brighter & more even toned. It's astounding that such an inexpensive gel cleanser can make your skin so soft & radiant. This has to be one of the best budget-friendly cleansers that I've come across.

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  1. Got to love it when a budget friendly cleanser delivers the results!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Skincare products you see on blogs just seem to be getting more & more expensive. Sometimes cheap stuff can work just as well :) xx

  2. I had this face wash and eventually got on with it. At first it did dry my skin out a little but I persisted and over time my skin got used to it and it was fine!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

    1. I've not experienced any dryness myself but I do think it's good at balancing everything out xx