Saturday 23 August 2014

Twenty Six

Last Saturday I turned the grand old age of twenty six. It's quite weird entering the latter half of your twenties. Now I'm only four years away from turning 30! It doesn't mean I'm any closer to growing up though. I awoke to a room filled with balloons and a Disney Princess cake for breakfast. Chloe picked it all out herself haha. For my birthday celebrations Andy took me & Chloe on a day trip to Blackpool. Obviously as I hail from Kent there's many places up north that I still haven't explored yet - Blackpool being one of them so off we went. It was probably the worst day to go as it was so incredibly windy & I decided to wear one of the shortest thinnest dresses I own. I'm pretty sure I flashed everyone around me until I could get to H&M for some emergency leggings!

Despite the awful weather I had still had an amazing time. We walked all the way up the promenade & took part in all the usual seaside tourist attractions. I really wanted to go up the tower but it was closed due to the wind so we went on the big ferris wheel instead. When we had finally worn ourselves out we went for a delicious meal at Mandarin which is apparently the 3rd best Chinese restaurant in the UK. We had chicken satay & crispy chilli beef with egg fried rice. It was so good, best meal I've had in ages! We used to go out for dim sum all the time when I lived at home but we only have crappy takeaways round where I live now so it was really nice to get some proper Chinese food for once. I wish we could've stayed longer in Blackpool as Chloe really wanted to go to Nickelodeon Land so hopefully we'll go back sometime soon. Then on Monday my family came up to Manchester for a day out with us. We had lunch at I Am Pho and then went shopping & I got lots of treats! Before it was time for them to go back to London we went to Home Sweet Home for some cake. I ordered a Dead Elvis milkshake but what I didn't realise is that it comes with a whole doughnut on top! So I gobbled up a huge peanut butter milkshake, a doughnut & a slice of one of their crazy cakes. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't followed it up with a deep fried mac 'n' cheese burger when I went out with my friends the next day... Oh well if you can't pig out on your birthday, when can you?!

I got some truly lovely presents this year & I'm so grateful for everything I received! I've had my eye on the Roses de Chloe perfume for ages. The original Chloe is my signature scent but I fancied something a little softer & this was perfect. I didn't get along with the GlamGlow Youthmud mask but the Supermud is right up my street. I tried a little sample sachet & my skin has been craving it ever since. It's a clay mask that basically contains all the acids and is absolutely amazing for blemished skin. It came with a cute GlamGlow brush to apply it with too. I also got a fresh tube of HealGel Eye and the new Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer. The original Hairdresser's Oil is one of the best hair products ever so this new addition to the line looked rather exciting. My favourite present has to be this gorgeous Whistles Rivington chain croc clutch bag that Andy got for me. I've wanted a Whistles clutch for so long! They're such a chic & luxurious addition to any outfit. It took me forever to decide which colour I wanted but the black crocodile one won out in the end. I'm totally in love with it! I can feel a clutch bag addiction coming on...

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  1. Clotted cream fudge?! What is this delicious madness?! <3 (Also - happy birthday!)