Wednesday, 3 November 2010

She Used To Be A Pearl...

Dress - Motel
Scarf - American Apparel
Jeans - New Look
Necklace - Galibardy

How nice are the clothes by Motel right now? Seriously love most of their stuff. I got this pearly dress from their last sale. It is so gorgeous and comfy too. Its a bit short to actually wear as a dress (and I'm only 5'4"!) so I rolled it up underneath and wore it as a top.

I also really love Galibardy jewellery. I bought this stag necklace a couple of months ago and I wear it all the time. I used to be known as the girl who always wore interesting necklaces but I've mainly been wearing my silver heart necklace for pretty much the last two years. My boyfriend got me it for our first Valentine's Day together and I've not really taken it off since! I miss wearing all my cool jewellery though so I'm gonna make more of an effort with it.

This is what I wore to make a horrible trip to the post office. I decided to sell my corset on ebay (whatever made me think that an expensive corset was a must-buy item, I'll never know...) and I managed to get 40 quid for it. Some man bought it and I got slightly freaked out that he might be a perv but wotevz, I'm getting money for it haha!


  1. Cute dress :D
    And lol at the pervy corset man, just convince yourself he's buying it for his wife, which now I've said it still sounds pervy!!
    Maybe fancy dress costume...still pervy?? Ok, every reason sounds wierd!!

  2. it looks amazing as a top, i love it! xx

  3. Very chic!!! love it!
    You look amazing!!


  4. This top is so cute on you! Reminds me of Christmas. I especially love the stag necklace too!