Thursday 4 November 2010

Hey Babydoll.

T-Shirt - French Connection
Cardigan - American Apparel
Snood - Topshop
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

As you can probably tell I'm a bit of a geek. I loved the film Kick Ass so when I saw this t-shirt in French Connection I knew I had to have it. It even came with a little booklet about the film which I thought was a nice touch.

I wore this for a walk around the shops in Leeds. I really wanted to get my eyebrows threaded as everyone says how good it is. I went to Harvey Nicks first but there wasn't anyone at the threading stand plus it was £24! So I had a look at the one in Debenhams but the woman there looked like she wasn't doing a very good job so I just came home and plucked them myself as per usual.

I also went on a hunt for some nice shorts. I saw the most amazing leather shorts in H&M but they only had a size 16 left, boo! I went to River Island as I saw some nicer but more expensive ones on their website. Couldn't see them instore so I tried these instead. They're so lovely and made my waist & legs look so skinny! Unfortunately they made my hips look wide and my bum look flat. I'm still undecided so I may go back for them but I think I would prefer some leather ones. Has anyone seen any nice ones that aren't too expensive recently? Let me knowww!


  1. LOVE THIS! Hope you find some shorts too :) xo

  2. CUTE TIGHTS! the hearts are so sweet! I may have to get some :]

  3. LOVE this. I've been tempted to buy some of the heart tights but always held back. You've pushed me over the edge!

  4. Love Hit Girl and Kick Ass, she is my hero!!
    Good luck with the shorts I've only seen really expensive ones! xx

  5. such a cool tee.

    your blog looks great. i'm a graphic design grad too. :) glad i found your blog, it's lovely!


  6. I love that tshirt! I bought Kick Ass on DVD last week and I can tell I'm going to be watching it over and over. Just as good the second time as it was in the cinema.
    Threading should definitely not cost £24!! How can they get away with charging that! I had my eyebrows threaded in Debenhams once, and I liked how quick and neat it was, but I felt like the woman doing it kind of ignored my natural eyebrow shape and did what she wanted to do, so they came out a bit too thin. If you find someone who does it well though it's worth it, but I wouldn't pay more than about £8.

  7. love these river island shorts and i really like their £59.99 leather ones too. shame i'm a poor student :(
    Cute top and tights, and your blog is adorable! x

  8. loving those brogues - daaaaamn urban outfitters, you're always so good!

    have a looky at my new blog?

  9. I love your tights and shoes! :)

  10. Love your tights and shoes! Great blog :)

  11. absolutely love kick-ass! and your tights, and your shoes! basically everything. i really wanted to look into eyebrow threading aswell but ive still not got round to it xx

  12. ouhh yeeeahhh sexxxxxxy girlllll:P


  13. In reply to your comment:
    The nude ones are definitely the best :)

    Thanks for following!

  14. Shorts wise, I bought the river island high waisted black leather ones, LOVE THEM! Although they came up HUGE, I bought a 10 thinking would fit perfectly, but they were more like a large 12 or even 14, could fit my fist width in at the waist! Just hung off me and looked terrible. So sent them back and waiting for refund and going to buy smaller and hope they fit better! None of the stores near me have them in and they wouldn't order them in for me either, annoying!! x

  15. ahh I want to be hit girl :)
    no one would mess with me
    not that anyone really does but it would be good
    KICK ASS = Best movie
    aaron johnson and mclovin x
    and I love love love your tights

  16. those tights are pretty cool

  17. Cute outfit! I love Kick Ass :D
    They have some really nice leather shorts in Primark :-)

  18. I have seen the wednesday series on netflix and just loved your wednesday themed costume. I am also interested in knowing where to watch Weird Science In USA? let me know if you know about it.