Thursday 11 November 2010

platinum blonde life.

Playsuit - In Love With Fashion
Socks - American Apparel
Ring - ASOS

This will hopefully be my last post as a brunette because today I finally booked my hair appointment! I'm getting it cut and coloured on Monday morning and after 6 hours in the salon I should have my beautiful platinum hair back. I'm so excited, I hate my current hair so much. The bad cut probably doesn't help but I feel like I look dowdy and boring with brown hair. I had a patch test earlier and they gave me a quote (with a 25% discount) for £82! Thats such a bargin for me, I used to pay just under that every time I had my roots done in London!

I got this playsuit from In Love With Fashion. They're one of those concessions they have in Topshop Oxford Circus who do some gorgeous party dresses. I also ordered a one shoulder camel coloured dress which I'm saving for a night out. You get a tenner off your first online order so I'd totally recommend them. I'd be careful with the sizing though, I think they only do S/M & M/L. I got M/L and the dress is quite tight even though I'm a size 10-12 now.

I also ordered some dumbbells and the 30 Day Shred DVD. I've heard so many good things about this & I've never tried an exercise DVD before so I thought I would give it a go. I'm a bit ill atm so I'm gonna start it tomorrow. My weight loss is going ok. I still eat junk (just devoured a big mac!) but I'm doing more exercise and I think thats what makes the difference. I'm down to 10st 6lbs so only 20lbs to go until I reach my final goal. And for the the first time in ages Wii Fit says I'm back in the ideal BMI range :) Has anyone else tried this DVD out? What kind of results did you see? Or is there another fitness DVD you swear by?


  1. oo let me know how the dvd goes I really wanna try a good one that wont end up killing me haha x

  2. mmm....big mac on nom nom.

    I'm excited to see your platinum locks! you're rocking the playsuit and over the knee socks, looks awesome.

    definitely let me know how the dvd works out, I have a fitness yoga one that I never use and i'm on the lookouts for a good one!


  3. youre adorable!
    i love your playsuit.
    you look great!


  4. That playsuit is lovely! and I really like that shoulder dress too, I'm going to have to have a browse!
    I've heard of a lot of people losing weight with the 30 day shred. One of my friends said it didn't work for her, I guess you have to be motivated! (which she wasn't hehe)

    Kyrie x

  5. Cant wait to see your new hair!

  6. oo cant wait to see the new 'do :) xoxo avs

  7. I've been eying up that dvd for a while.. let me know how it is!
    Love the jumpsuit! Gorgeous!

  8. i love the print!
    Im following you ;)

  9. love your floral jumpsuit! so adorable, good luck with your hair! can't wait to see it :)


  10. love that dvd - it's the only fitness dvd that ever made me cry but forced me to keep going. Can't recommend anything better than that dvd. Look at me, I'm gushing!


  11. That dvd is AMAZING! i usually get bored and the gym and workout classes are the only thing that worked for me but sometimes it's hard to get to the gym, or you can't make the classes etc. but this dvd is only 20 min of intense working out and you're done! so easy and it works, my best friend lost 30 pounds in one month doing it! Def recommend it to anyone, good luck with it! oh and ps I love your hair ;)

  12. This play suit is gorgeous, really suits you! You've made me crave McDonald's though :-( Glad your diet is coming along well, you can really see the difference too!

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